What is Purim

Purim is the holiday celebrating the salvation of the Jewish people by a beautiful, young woman named Ester [Esther]. Raised by her cousin Mordokhai [Mordecai], Ester [Esther] was King Ahashwerosh’s [Xerxes] favorite wife. As advised by Mordokhai [Mordecai], she risked her own life to inform the king of the intended destruction of her people by Haman, the king's visier. The king had Haman hanged, and the Jewish people were saved.


What do you do for

Purim is a holiday filled with fun. For Purim we read the Meghillat Ester [Book of Esther] to commemorate her courageous efforts in saving the Jewish people from destruction. The story of Ester [Esther] is often told in a play format, with everyone dressing up in costume. Wonderful foods are prepared and we give them as gifts to each other; music and singing may also be heard; and people often dance and play instruments. Oftentimes the girls’ favorite costume is Ester [Esther], and the boys’ favorite costume is Modokhai [Mordecai] or King Ahashwerosh [Xerxes].



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