Shemini Aseret

What is Shemini Aseret?

The evening of the seventh day of Hagh HaSukkot, begins Shemini Aseret.  Shemini Aseret means "the assembly of the eighth day."

Shemini Aseret is a festival day and is a day of rest, and celebrates the end of Hagh HaSukkot.  For some, it is also a nice time to celebrate the Torah.


What do you do for Shemini Aseret?

Despite Shemini Aseret being right after the last day of Hagh HaSukkot, we are not  required to dwell in the sukkah.

For Shemini Aseret we rest, read Torah, and recognize the day as a festival.  Some people sing, dance, and learn in celebration of the Torah.


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